Cut Sheets

Content Goals For 2022 -23

As we launch this site, we hope to provide you with the best possible content. With that said, we hope to provide you with the following quantity this year. The dials will fill in as we continue to create.  Wish us luck.


Cut Sheets


Build Sheets

Below is a list of our cut sheets-

As we complete projects, we'll post them for you to use.  They'll be in a pdf format for download.

Floor Levelers

" These floor levelers saved me $200 and made the wife happy that I got the floors done"

Leveling Tripods Post

DIY Floor Leveler Tripod

Cutting/welding/small cart

"Little cart helped us get the plasma cutter and little flux core welder off the floor"

Small Cart Post

Small Cart Project

Build Sheets

Coming soon.